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Diane Reeder
Diane Reeder, Kingston, New York

Diane Reeder is the founder and executive director of the Queens Galley in Kingston, New York. The Queens Galley is a local soup kitchen, but what makes it truly unique is its restaurant-style service and the fact that Diane serves everyone who visits Queens Galley; no one is asked to show proof of poverty. She believes that anyone who is humble enough to walk in should be given a meal and not asked any questions. The Queens Galley is open for three meals a day, 365 days a year, and serves more than 9,000 meals a month. Diane also brought Operation Frontline to the Hudson Valley through the Queens Galley, and supports programs that show people how to make nutritional and flavorful meals on a limited budget. Currently, she is working with 11 other hunger relief organizations to organize an event to help even more people.